Randy has spoken on a number of different stages over the past few years sharing everything from real estate investing to his personal story. Financial freedom and the advantages of using real estate as a vehicle to gain financial freedom has become one of the main topics that Randy speaks on.
He walks people through his journey of losing his best friend and how he was able to take one of the most tragic incidents in his life and turn it into one of the biggest opportunities that’s ever happened to him.
Randy brings high-level energy when he speaks and has been mentored under some of North America's top trainers to deliver a quality speech that will leave the audience wanting to hear more. Whether it’s real estate, keynotes, or intimate audiences, Randy loves to deliver to a room an impression that will last a lifetime.  


Losing his best friend in a tragic accident propelled Randy to do a complete life evaluation. He realized quickly that he wasn’t living up to his full potential and decided it was time to make a change.
Transitioning into building a lifestyle around passive income that would allow him to enjoy the things that matter most, he has found a passion and purpose around sharing his journey and experience with others. Mentoring others on how to become unapologetic around devastation has lead him to find a greater mission by helping them become inspired to be the best version of themselves.
By creating the “Go Big To Give Big” movement, Randy has focused on inspiring others to go bigger with their dreams so that they can give bigger to others in need. This has become something Randy loves influencing on in his attempt to help others live a more fulfilled life.


Randy has been investing in real estate since 2015 with the purchase of his first rental property. After studying and researching about investing in real estate, Randy and his business partner, Steve Arneson, Co-Founded an educational and investment company called The REINVESTORS. They specialize in teaching people the advantage of investing in long-term rental properties that produce monthly cash flow to build passive income and help them reach financial freedom sooner.
They are on a mission to help one million people get financially educated and inspired to invest in real estate so they too can start living a more fulfilled life. You can check out more about them at www.thereinvestors.ca

Im looking forward to speaking on your podcast or at your event. Thank you in advance for contacting me.



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